Thursday, 22 November 2007

Adieu Cyprian

In my primary and secondary school days, I devoured Cyprian Ekwensi’s adventure series: Samankwe and the Highway Robbers, Samankwe in the Strange Forest, Passport of Mallam Ilia, etc. I recently discovered his Survive the Peace at the University of Leicester library. The slim book vividly portrays the aftermath of the Biafra civil war. Many years ago, (I cannot remember the exact year) at the University of Ibadan Theatre, I played the role of Mallam Ilia in a stage adaptation of the Passport of Mallam Ilia. The writer himself, Cyprian Ekwensi was present. RIP Cyprian.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Inclusion and Exclusion

What is the fate of immigrants in today's Britain? How well can an African integrate into the way of life here? There have been talks about "Equal Opportunites" and "British jobs for British people". My short story, "Strangers" deals with the immigrant experience in contemporary Britain. It is published in Farafina.